Last day in Lithuania


Sleep schedule and home school schedule are getting a little better. We made it out another hour earlier than the day before.

Took in some more sites around Old Town Vilnius.

My overall impressions of the country would include the following:

  1. It feels safe. No one in our apartment building has eyed us suspiciously as we have figured out the lock to the building door or our apartment door. People, including us, will leave their stroller outside the store while they shop without worrying it will be stolen. Nobody seems really ill at ease on the street. I have seen women and children waking alone after dark. I had a very different experience with all of these things in Russia in the nineties.
  2. People are generally friendly and helpful. Half of our ride share drivers have been fairly excited to answer all my questions about their city. People have been eager to help with directions. Checkers at the supermarket and cashiers/greeters at restaurants have been a little more cold. A lot more like employees at the DMV. Both reactions may have something to do with me speaking Russian.
  3. Things are pretty reasonably priced. Even in the main tourist areas, things are reasonable. Although we planned on using public transport, it generally didn’t cost much more to use a rideshare service (Bolt is the name of the most prevalent rideshare here) as compared to paying for 5 tickets on say the public buses.
  4. The city is quite clean. Really no litter. Bathrooms have been pretty clean.
  5. There are a lot of cool places to visit. I think we could see something interesting and new every day in the surrounding area if we stayed for several more weeks.
  6. Tourist travel seems light to moderate. There are more Lithuanians at all the sites we have visited than foreign tourists.

The weather has been great, mostly sunny and in the 70’s. So, this has left a favorable impression on all of us, too.

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