Tallin’s a pretty cool place

We’re learning that our kids do best with a fair amount of down time. So, after the day at the bog, we got caught up on home school in the morning

For the afternoon, I booked us a family room at a local sauna. The kids definitely enjoyed it although Margaret was the only kid who made use of the actual sauna.

Jane and Nolan spent their time in the plunge pool having dive competitions.

After the sauna, we walked to a crepe place here that is pretty well known. Nolan thought it was great to have ice cream with a chocolate crepe for dinner.

That was pretty much the whole day for us.

Margaret spends about 25% of her time when we’re out and about like the picture below.

Fortunately, we brought a stroller.

Today, Sunday, we attended a local branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Speakers gave talks in their language of proficiency which included Estonia, Russian, and English. The talks were translated the talks into the other two languages.

They had just finished a large addition to the meeting house and it was dedicated today. So what Jane termed a “feast” was held in the cultural hall after church. Really it was just snacks and finger foods but it made Jane’s day.

The rest of the day, the kids played in the park and Ashley and I took turns checking out more of old Town Tallinn.

Tallinn is quite nice. The vibe is definitely more laid back than Riga or Vilnius. It’s also very quiet. Peak tourist season is past, but even accounting for that, I’m surprised at how empty these beautiful cobblestone streets are.

The weather continues to be ideal. Sunny and in the 60’s to 70’s.

3 thoughts on “Tallin’s a pretty cool place

  1. It was so great to meet your family today! I enjoyed reading your previous posts and look forward to watching as your adventure continues. (This is Amanda from the Tallinn Branch.)


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