On to Moscow!

The kids in St Petersburg

We finished up our last couple of days in St Petersburg. The city was great. We loved it. But we didn’t love the cold. The first week and a half, the weather was great. The last 4 days, it was miserable. It was in the 40’s, but it was rainy and a little windy, and the humidity was terrible. The humidity makes it feel much colder than it actually was. I now know what Winters in the east coast must be like.

It made it hard to do too much outside with the kids.

On Tuesday, I took a Dostoevsky walking tour. I saw several places he lived, places he frequented, and the place he was almost executed.

A large part of the tour was in the setting of the book Crime and Punishment. Dostoevsky didn’t write the complete names of the places in his novel, he wrote the first letter of the streets, bridges, and establishments that his characters visited. They were all real places. The guide would quote the novel, “Raskolnikov walked 60 steps to the end of S street and turned the corner where he faced K canal,”etc etc. He showed me where all these places were. It was kind of neat. I was kind of such though, and it was freezing, and a lot of walking.

This is a marker indicative the house where, in the novel, Raskolnikov lived

This is the building where the woman Raskolnikov killed lived. The good could even point out which apartment based on descriptions in the novel.

That evening, we dragged the kids to more sites in the city.

Large, historic mosque
Peter and Paul Fortress

Today, we packed up and caught a train to Moscow. 4 hours and quite pretty scenery on the way.

View from the train

Another view

I’m proud of the crew–once we arrived in Moscow we took the metro, not a taxi, with all our baggage to our new apartment. Everyone did great.

Our new apartment is definitely one of the nicer ones we’ve had so far. It’s nice to have a little more space and to have drawers to put our stuff away.

It also helps that’s this place is super clean.

We’ve had a couple of bummer apartment that were kind of gross, but we’re four for six, so I guess we’re doing ok.

Even though the temperature in Moscow is the same as in St Petersburg, it’s much nicer here. No wind, no rain (today anyway), and much lower humidity. The cold is not nearly as biting as it was in St Pete

It’s also nice to have this view from our apartment building.

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